5 Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone 2020

Voice transformer applications will permit you to change your voice to any sort of sound whenever. These applications can be utilized to trick loved ones while being on a call with them. They may become frightened when they hope to hear your voice yet all things being equal, hear another. This article records the best voice transformer applications.

Obviously, there are loads of different applications which one can use to change their voice on their iPhone gadgets, however picking the best from them is a significant dull errand, and that is the reason I’ve made my examination to present to you the best voice transformer applications which can be downloaded and utilized very okay.

Voice transformer applications are enjoyable to utilize really and have stunning highlights you’ll get a kick out of the chance to investigate. So now, we’ll get directly into the motivation behind this article and rundown for you the best voice transformer applications that would empower you to effectively change your voice on your iPhone or iPad gadget.

Here is the list of best voice changer apps for iPhone

Beneath you’ll get the chance to see the marvelous voice transformer applications that permit you to have a great time and furthermore pull tricks on others. These applications can be downloaded by means of the Apple application store on your cell phone.

1. Voicy Phone

  • Voicy Phone is outstanding amongst other voice transformer applications one could use on their iOS gadget. This application will give you the best voice evolving experience, and you’ll have the option to utilize astonishing impacts and customisations when utilizing this application. With the Voicy Phone application, you’d get the opportunity to choose the manner in which you need your voice to sound when on calls.

    Voicy Phone application has got loads of blend and astounding imagination highlights which is implicit. You can blend and match your voice and afterward tune in to how you sound in different ways. You’ll get the best from Voicy Phone application with regards to voice evolving.

    There are a few highlights in this application that most voice transformer applications don’t have, accordingly making voice telephone to have an edge over them. You’ll get all you require from a voice changing the application once you get this downloaded and introduced on your gadget. This application is totally free with no additional charges.

    2. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer application is another best voice transformer application that will offer you the chance to have some good times and trick your companions over calls. Appreciate loads of alterable audio cues and customisable choices accessible in this great application. The Call Voice Changer application will permit you to change your voice to anybody which suits your need right now.

Indeed, Call Voice Changer has likewise got astonishing highlights that you can give a shot on your iPhone gadget while changing your voice. This application utilizes a web association, and you’re needed to have a solid portable organization before the application will function admirably for you.

Call Voice Changer application will permit you to blend various types of voices into one, and this is to empower you to confound the individuals who hear it. This application has a significant special and lovely UI which makes things additionally intriguing. The plan of this application will permit you to explore to a few accessible alternatives simpler and quicker.

3. Funcall

Funcall is likewise a decent voice transformer application, and it will permit you to trick your companions and others in your working environment when calling them. This application can likewise be put as a standout amongst other voice transformer applications for iOS cell phones. With the Funcall application, you can record terrifying and clever voices that you can play to alarm or surprise others over a call.

Funcall permits it’s clients to settle on global decisions to landlines yet this will doubtlessly cost you. There are different fun voices accessible in this application and you can pick anybody you’d prefer to utilize. The audio effect likewise given to the application will empower you to tune and ideal your picked voices in a superior manner. Get Funcall application and use it for nothing.

Much the same as the name, Funcall application truly gives one an astounding fun time tricking loved ones with the various arrangements of sounds and voices which has been made accessible for it. Funcall will totally give all of you you’d need from a voice changing application on your iPhone gadget. I’d state that this application is enthusiastically prescribed on the off chance that you need to have some good times changing voices over calls.

4. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus is that application that will permit you to change your voice in different sorts of ways you can consider. With it comes astonishing audio effects, voices, and instruments that will give you the best experience with regards to voice evolving. One amazing thing about Voice Changer Plus application is its capacity to play voices in reverse, and this appears to be off-kilter as it were however, yet it’s cool.

There are more than 55 voice impacts and foundation sounds that have been made accessible for use in the Voice Changer Plus application. This application is liberated from undesirable and irritating adverts which will in general bother clients. One element which is extraordinarily helpful in this application is that you can spare and impart your voice chronicles to it.

Voice Changer Plus is another most ideal decision for one looking for a decent voice evolving application. Truly, this application has got cool highlights to assist you with evolving voices. You can likewise utilize entertaining and terrifying sounds to change your voice when on a call with somebody. You can download the voice transformer in addition to application now and begin utilizing it immediately.

5. Funny Call


Call is simply one more valuable voice changing application that causes you change your voice during calls to mislead and trick your companions. The Funny Call application permits you to make marvelous minutes with your family and others by settling on fun decisions and playing bizarre jokes. Trust me when I state that you’ll never get feeling miserable when utilizing this application.

There are various types of voice impacts and wonderful characters which are made accessible in the Funny Call application, and furthermore with different highlights which you’ll get the chance to use to make your voice all the more deluding so you could without much of a stretch trick others. Interesting Call application has a delightfully planned UI.

Interesting Call is that voice transformer application that has got all pleasant creation voices that would make individuals giggle. This application, in any case, has additionally got loads of unnerving voice and impacts which you can likewise utilize while changing your voice over a call. On the off chance that you would truly like to have some good times time beguiling and terrifying individuals with counterfeit voices, at that point amusing call application is the one you should utilize.

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