Five Mobile Games Based on Famous Indian Movies

Games based on famous movies are very popular in India. They might not be too impressive when it comes to technical characteristics, but these games still have a large audience because of the popular characters. So it comes as no surprise that some developers have been inspired by cult movies when creating their stories in video games.

Below you’ll find a list of games based on popular Indian movies that fun to play.

MSD: World Cricket Bash

The game of ‘Dhoni: The untold story’ is included in Cricket Hungama 2016, a game that previously existed. Though, the game is centered around a former Indian skipper and twice World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni who was played by Sushant Singh Rajput. You can choose whether you want to play a grounded shot or a lofted one and then you swipe in the way in which you want to hit the ball. In this game, you have adequate controls for bowling, too. The game has different modes, for example, challenges, stories, wicketkeeping, etc.


If you’ve ever played the popular strategy Clash of clans, playing this game won’t be simple – there are archer towers to healers and similar features. Your character is recruited as a Senapati by Mahishmati. You have to grow your army, improve defense, lay traps, and do lots of other things. You can use anything from catapults to elephants to cause damage to the enemy’s fort. You can fight alone or join a clan.


Similar to the movie, Sultan performed by Salman Khan is a fighting game. Playing as Sultan, you compete with different wrestlers and improve your strength, defense, as well as health with every win. Having built up the energy level, you can damage your opponent very seriously with a ‘power strike’.


Sholay is an arcade based on the classic Bollywood movies. It’s fun to play, especially if you crave to play games similar to Contra. The characters called Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Viru (Dharmendra) fight against Sambha, Gabbar, and an army of dacoits. It’s necessary to complete a chapter to open the next one.

Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 is more or less a racing game, in which you play as Aamir Khan. He escapes the police and drives through crowded traffic. In this race you receive phones, use the throttle to go faster than the cops following you. As you win races, more suits for your avatar and superbikes are unlocked.

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