How to Connect CCTV Camera to Mobile Without WiFi

Is it possible to use a security camera without WiFi?

Short answer: YES. You don’t have to use WiFi for wireless security cameras.

But how do I connect a CCTV camera to a mobile phone without a cable or WiFi?

The simple trick is to get a 4G LTE mobile security camera that runs on cellular data instead of WiFi.

All you need to do to connect the CCTV to phone is to purchase a SIM card, open a data plan for it, and insert the SIM card in place, then you can connect CCTV camera from anywhere using the Internet.

Here is how to connect CCTV to phone without WiFi network in steps, taking the 4G camera Reolink Go as an example.

Step 1. Purchase a SIM card and open a data plan for it.

Step 2. Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot of the security camera.

Step 3. Free download and launch the Reolink phone app on your device;

Step 4. Add security cameras to your phone app by scanning the QR code or entering the camera UID;

Step 5. Click on the security camera linked to phone to see the live feed.

With all these done, you can link to and access the camera from anywhere, and even talk to the person on screen via security camera connected to phone.

You may follow our user Mike to have your Reolink Go camera linked to phone easily:


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