How to Defrost a Windshield Without Causing Damage

How to Defrost a Windshield

Before defrosting a windshield this season, make sure to follow these top tips on How to Defrost a Windshield.

With the outside temperature below zero, you’ll need to know how to defrost your car windshield without damaging it.

Dealing with a frosted windshield first thing in the morning is probably one of the most dreaded tasks. After all, it takes valuable time out of your day, not to mention the inconvenience of standing outside in the bitter cold.
Despite our impatience, knowing how to defrost your windshield is far more efficient (and cost effective) during the winter months. If not done correctly, this could result in cracks or further damage to your window.

To avoid this, here are some simple tips on how to defrost a windshield without damaging it, making your mornings easier.

  1.  First and foremost, get into your vehicle and start the engine. Set your heater to the ‘defrost’ setting or the maximum setting if you don’t have one. Allow it to warm up for 5 to 15 minutes before beginning the process. Likewise, turn on the air conditioning to remove moisture from the air and keep the car from misting up.
  2. Use a soft brush to remove excess frost or snow from the windshield. While it may appear to be logical, never pour hot or warm water on your windshield to remove ice. Going from cold to hot can cause your windshield to crack or damage.
  3. Then, spray your windshield with de-icer. A few household items can be used to create a DIY de-icer. Simply fill a spray bottle with three parts white vinegar and one part water, and mist over the windshield. This will quickly loosen the frost and make removal easier.Alternatively, ⅓ cup water and ⅔  cup isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be used. The science behind this is that isopropyl does not freeze until it is 128°F below zero, so it works harder at lower temperatures. Of course, you can always buy a good de-icer online, such as Amazon’s Melt It! Windshield De-icer for $22.99.
  4. Remove any ice patches from your windshield with a sturdy plastic ice scraper. To help loosen and break apart the frost, use a scraper with a soft brush on one end. Never use a metal scraper, keys, or other metal objects to scratch or damage the glass.
  5.  After that, wait inside your car until all of the ice and mist has melted before driving. Before embarking on your journey, ensure that you have clear visibility.

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