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There are two ways of earning in and each of them have their benefits and advantages. platform has been built in a such a way that every member can choose a convenient form of earning and earn unlimitedly. The  two types of earning in are:

  • Affiliate Earning
  • Passive Earning

Affiliate Earning

This type is earning is very effective for users who are very good in marketing and networking as it allows the user to earn directly as they refer new members to the community. This means you can only earn in this form when you refer another user to the platform. The advantage and benefit of this is that the rewards you get increases as you refer more members. This form of earning is divided into Stages and Circles.
There are 3 stages in each circle, as the user gets to a higher stage the user earns more token till that circle is completed. Then the user is allowed to start another circle and continue earning more token as he refers more users.
At stage 1 the user is given 5 slots to refer 5 new members to Spindex smart contract community. For each new user he refers at stage 1 he earns 8 dogecoin, which means at the end of stage 1, the user would have earned a total of 40 dogecoin. After the user completes stage 1 they activates stage 2 with some token, which he can decide if it would be deducted from the spindex earnings or if they would make payment from an external wallet.
At stage 2 the user is given a total of 10 slots which enables them to be able to refer 10 new members to the platform. For each user referred the User would earn a total of 12 dogecoins, bringing their total earning to 120 dogecoins earned at stage 2. At the completion of this stage, the user activates the next stage with some dogecoin tokens. The payment can also be deducted from the users spindex dogecoin earnings or the user can decide to pay using an external wallet.
At stage 3 the user is now given a total of 20 slots which enable them refer 20 new members to the spindex community. At this stage the user gains a massive amount just from referring as they earn as much as 16 dogecoin for each new user they refer. This means at the end of Stage 3 the user would have earned a total of 320 dogecoins just from stage 3.
In summary after registering and becoming a member of spindex community with just $4 you would be able to earn as much as $100 in each circle. Which means as long as you can refer numerous users you can keep earning just from the comfort of your home.
After a user completes 3 circles, he becomes a 1-star sub-community leader. There are endless benefits to this earned role and they are highlighted below.
The user does not have to pay any token to start the next 2 circles, as they can start earning immediately and still earn the regular amount they have been earning.
The 2nd benefit is that the user after becoming a sub-community leader can skip stages and start earning directly from the 3rd stage and still refer the total number of users required for all the stages which is 35 users while receiving the earning meant for the 3rd stage. This means the user is allowed to jump directly to the 3rd stage and would be granted 35 slots to refer users while earning the 3rd stage amount which is per each referrer. This makes it possible for the user to get much more than when they start referring from the 1st stage and get varying slot. The 1-star sub-community leader would be asked to pay a token also before skipping those stages. At the end of this the user would be able to earn up to 520 dogecoin at the completion of the circle which is more than what they earn before becoming starred leaders.

Passive Earnings

This is the second form/type of earning, it is much easier than the Affiliate earning as the user just needs to refer a minimum of 3 new users to start earning passively without doing anything and can then concentrate on the training program offered on the platform also. It is very convenient for users who are not very good in referring people. As they continue to earn after they refer just 3 new users to the platform.
The user can also has the liberty of referring more than 3 new users and keep earning but in passive earning the user can only get the highest amount of earnings per user in the first-generation referral bonus, which is limited to a total number of 5 slots.
After which any other new user referred to the platform by the user would be moved to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation slot which would also mean that the earnings would be as such.
The passive earning is divided into 5 generations and is structured in the form of an earning tree. Which brings various users into a single tree and where the earnings are distributed in different ways.
In the first generation the user in the form of earning starts earning 8 dogecoin per referral.
In the first generation, the user can decide to fill up the 5 slots available to them as it would increase both their direct referral earnings and also the passive earning network.
In the 2nd generation the user earns 4 dogecoin from their 2nd generation downlines each time the 2nd generation downline refers new users or the user refers a new user after filling up the 1st generation slot. There are total number of 25 slots to be filled in the 2nd generation.
At the 3rd generation the user earns 3 dogecoin from their 3rd generation downline each time the 3rd generation downline refers new users or the user themselves refers a new user after filling up the 1st & 2nd generation slot and there are 125 slots to be filled up at the level by the user and their downlines.
At the 4th generation the user earns 2 dogecoin per referrer from their 4th generation downline each time the 4th generation downline refers new users or the user themselves refers a new user after filling up the 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation slot and there are 625 referrer slots to be filled up by the downlines.
At the 5th generation the user earns just 1 dogecoin from the 5th generation downliners and there is a total of 3,125 slots to be filled.
The advantage of the passive earning is that the user is able to earn not only from their direct referrer which is limited to only 5 slots but from their downliners also till the 5th generation. This means at the end of the circle which ends at the 5th generation the user would have made a total of $1000 from just directly referring 5 or more users. All the user just needs to do is to try and refer hardworking users as their downlines or join a very active referral tree and they can start earning passively as they would also get earnings from spillovers.


Spillovers is a form of earning in smart contract as the users under an earning tree get assigned random downlines in which they are rewarded for according to the generation the random referrer falls into. That is to say if a new user

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