How To Enable iPhone Hotspot


Turning your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot gives you a useful third option, which allows your laptop and tablet to be connected to your phone’s web connection. WiFi hotspots are great for working on the go.

It’s easy to use iPhone as a modem, but you should first check with your carrier for the terms and conditions of your contract; While most networks will include iPhone tethering as part of your plan, some networks prefer you not to, they may charge you more or limit your data.

Hotspot meaning

Using your phone as a modem turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router, much like the one in your home. The iPhone connects to the internet using its 3G / 4G cellular data connection, then streams it over a Wi-Fi connection that your Mac, iPad, PC, or other devices can connect to. You can also make a wired connection to your computer’s USB port.

You can share your iPhone’s data connection with a Mac or iPad (or PC) and browse the internet on the go. Here’s how to turn on the iPhone hotspot, turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to enable iPhone hotspot

  1. To use cellular as a modem go to Settings on your iPhone. This is the gear icon on the home screen.
  2. Then tap Bluetooth and make sure it’s turned on. You will know that Bluetooth is on if the slider at the top of the screen is green.
  3. Then go back to Settings and tap on WiFi.
  4. Make sure WiFi is turned on and join a WiFi network. You can log into a WiFi network by clicking on its name from the list below and entering your login information. If your iPhone automatically joins your WiFi network, you can skip this step.
  5. On the iPhone that needs the WiFi password, go to Settings.
  6. Tap WiFi. If you are trying to share a WiFi password with a Mac computer, tap the WiFi icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select a WiFi network from the drop-down menu.
  7. Choose the same WiFi network. This should be the same network that the iPhone is already connected to that will share the password.
  8. Do not enter the password when prompted.
  9. On the iPhone that’s already connected, go to WiFi.
  10. Tap Share password in the pop-up window. The two iPhones must be within Bluetooth range.
  11. The other iPhone will then receive the password and be able to use iPhone as a modem.

Hotspot on iPhone not working, what to do

If you are having trouble using the iPhone as a router and sharing WiFi password between devices, here are some ways to make it work:

  • Restart the iPhone and another device.
  • Make sure both devices have the latest software updates. To update your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Software Update> Download and Install. If you don’t see the option to download and update, your iPhone is up to date.
  • Disconnect from the WiFi connection and then reconnect. To do this, go to Settings> WiFi and tap on the network name. Tap the letter “i” icon, then tap “Forget this Network”. Once this is done, reconnect to the network and enter the password.
  • Reset the network settings on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.
  • Finally, try restarting the router. If you want to know how to reset your router, check out our guide here.
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