How to use a PS5 controller on Android [2022]

How to use a PS5 controller on Android

How to use a PS5 controller on Android

connecting your PS5 DualSense regulator to your Android cell phone is a speedy and easy interaction through Bluetooth.

Should you at any point need to set up Remote Play on PS5, or track down one more use for that DualSense on your mobile phone, you’ll be all set in under a moment.

Everything necessary is squeezing couple of  buttons to get everything set up and connected.

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The most effective method on How to use a PS5 controller on Android

  1. Hold the Share button button and PS button on your DualSense controller simultaneously for a couple of moments until the light bar begins to streak blue. This places it into pairing mode.
  2. Swipe down on your Android to open up your Settings.
  3. Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on.
  4. Hold the Bluetooth symbol to bring up Bluetooth settings.
  5. Select Remote Controller under available devices.
  6. Assuming it doesn’t show up quickly,  select Scan at the top.
  7. Select OK when you’re asked if you’d like to pair your phone with the wireless controller.
  8. If it connects properly, the blue light on the DualSense will stop flashing.

The DualSense isn’t locally supported by numerous Android applications, however luckily, this doesn’t stretch out to Remote Play on Android. While Remote Play with the DualSense on Android was previously not upheld, it is presently because of an update after Android 12.

Remote Play allows you to stream all of your PS4 and PS5 games through a broadband network, provided you own a console and those games to begin with, as this isn’t a service like xCloud on Android. Even though support was added, if you’re playing your games this way, you don’t have access to certain functionality on mobile like the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, the core functionality should still work for playing your games.

All in all, the process is nearly identical with how to use a PS4 controller on Android. And like the PS4 controller, your mileage may vary on its usage. For example, some games just don’t let you remap buttons, and there are better controllers out there specifically designed for mobile devices.

You now have the knowledge on How to use a PS5 controller on Android.

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