iPhone 13 gets old-fashioned Android functions

It is something that occasionally works for the two sides. Android will get something from the apple world and Apple, as far as concerns its, will get something from the Android world. Be that as it may, since Apple likes to test things quite well, it as a rule takes more time to actualize them. Indeed, even to acknowledge whether it bodes well. All things considered, observe, Apple chose to get an old capacity from Android to actualize on the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 gets old-fashioned Android functions

The well-known leakster Max Weinbach is usually not mistaken. Thus, he revealed that the iPhone 13 can adopt the Always-On function that is present in both Android devices with OLED screens. However, he also said that the new smartphone will also bet on an LTPO panel, which allows an adaptive update rate. This way, there should be more battery savings. In the case of the new bet, it will go up to 120Hz which is really good.

Always-on screens have been very successful on Android smartphones. It allows keeping the screen active, using little energy, and shows several important information such as time, date, battery, and notifications.

Of course, this function is only worthwhile when it comes to an OLED screen. This is because it is the only one that can illuminate only a limited number of pixels and leave the rest completely off. If it were with other technology, the entire screen would have to be lit and this would be a huge drain on the battery.

Iphone 12 Pro Unboxing
Iphone 12 Pro Unboxing

It may seem unimportant. But when you start using it, we realize that it is really worth it.

A turning point for Apple

This is not exactly a novelty for the apple giant when it comes to the Apple Watch. However, it had not yet been implemented on smartphones. Anyway, it will be very useful and I am sure that users will get used to it quickly.

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