Pokémon’s two new games (Coming Out Soon)

In June 2020 The Pokémon Company announced the launch of “Pokémon Unite.” This is a brand new game for the Nintendo Switch and phones. There’s also“Pokémon Café Mix” which comes out on the Nintendo Switch and mobile.

For numerous Pokémon fans, “Pokémon Unite” can become the way to more multiplayer gaming experiences. Usually, on console and mobile, the games of this franchise let you trade with other players however your ability to communicate with these players is rather limited. At the same time, Nintendo’s multiplayer demands an additional subscription, but still sometimes the connection can be slow and bumpy.

As opposed to other turn-based battles, Pokémon Unite has live fighting. It’s produced by Tencent’s TiMi Studios, the developers of “Call of Duty: Mobile.”

From what was shown on the presentation, Pokémon Unite has lots of similar features with other multiplayer battle arena games from Tencent.

The landscape, the look of Pokémons’ health points, and the skills are arranged on the screen so that it was familiar to mobile fans.

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Pokémon Unite is a teamfight (five-versus-five); it’s free and allows Nintendo Switch gamers to play together with mobile users. The date of the release is unknown yet.

“Pokémon Café Mix” is a free-to-start puzzle game, but there are in-game purchases; it’s launched on the Switch and mobile.

Here the players have to solve puzzles to cook and serve drinks and dishes in a Pokémon cafe. Nintendo (NTDOF) is running a promotion right now: if you log on for five days in a row, they will give you a Pikachu as a staff member.

Later in June, Nintendo announced two more Pokémon games. The first one is called “Pokémon Snap,” which is an easy yet addicting game where you take photos of the cute pocket monsters. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch without a release date.

The second game is a mobile app “Pokémon Smile,” which is about cleaning teeth to beat cavity-causing bacteria which is shown in the game. Just like its popular predecessor, “Pokémon Go,” it utilizes augmented reality.

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