See Why GTA VI May Be Released In 2023

Gta Vi
Gta Vi

GTA VI is plainly one of the most foreseen rounds of all time. After all, GTA V hit the market right around 7 years back…  So players are in reality “dead” for new substance, if conceivable as a totally new game. However, it appears to be that the news isn’t the best and GTA VI may even take longer than anticipated to arrive at the market.

All things considered, there has been a ton of chat on the Internet during ongoing occasions that the new game should possibly be delivered when GTA V is 10 years old. That is, GTA VI just shows up in 2023! However, Rockstar has not yet formally affirmed any of this, yet … It has not been denied either!

See Why GTA VI may even be delivered in 2023

Accordingly, fanatics of this fabulous arrangement of games have consistently believed that GTA VI would hit the market along with the cutting edge consoles. That is, during the following month of November. However, Rockstar changed their arrangements to everything and proclaimed a “little delay”. Which drove fans to extraordinary disillusionment… Which thusly appears to have squeezed the studio.

So even Shawn Fonteno himself opened up to the world and approached fans to quit requesting things and to quit making demands. After all, as indicated by him “Why does a player who is as yet getting a charge out of GTA V after so numerous available, come to grumble and request GTA VI? Don’t pressure Rockstar!”

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To put it plainly, we will truly need to keep a watch out what plan Rockstar has for GTA V and GTA VI. This is on the grounds that the facts demonstrate that players ought not pressure Rockstar. Notwithstanding, it has been a long time since GTA V hit the market. What’s more, if the distinction from 4 to 5 has scarcely arrived at 4 years. For what reason will GTA VI take 10 years to arrive at the market?

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